Our Chaplain

Revd Anne Marr is Newcastle MU Chaplain

It is a privilege to be serving as MU chaplain across Newcastle Diocese. Please be assured of my prayers for you all as you work together to support family life and those in need. 

The Chaplaincy Corner is a page on which short ‘wonderings’ about life and faith are posted – eachwith a note of hopefulness. Feel free to use the ideas in any way you wish. Also feel free to suggest ideas.

A prayer for the day

Lord of Life,

help me to live it well today,

and when the edges of my understanding

get a little frayed,

strengthen my faith.

(Eddie Askew, Leprosy Mission)


A Stitch in Time

A post touching on ‘cross-purposes’

Hopes of Heaven

Reflection that touches on ‘remembrance and wondering’

The Sacrament of Letting Go

More seasonal reflections

Courage, Compassion and Curiosity

Seasonal Reflections from our Chaplain


Annual Meeting September 2022 in Belfast

His Majesty King Charles III

As the HM Queen Elizabeth is finally laid to rest, we offer thanks and prayers for HM King Charles in a printable version.

The Longest Queue

Reflections on the ‘the Queue’

Elemtree…. A cautionary tale

As well as giving thanks for the life of The Queen and praying for King Charles, MU is also seasonally focussed on ‘Creation-tide’- so one of the posts (Elementree) picks up on this theme.

Long in the Tooth-an octogenarian’s tale

Long in the tooth is a light-hearted reflection written the day the new PM was appointed – then edited a few days later. Hopefully it is in keeping with the late Queen’s sense of humour as we continue to journey through days and years of change.

Floral Tribute to the Queen

Simon Armitage, Poet Laureate, has published this acrostic poetic tribute to Queen Elizabeth

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