Safeguarding and You

It may be an overused phrase “Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility”, but it is very true.

Many people are not sure what Safeguarding means

  • Some think it is very complicated, they don’t understand the term and they shy away from it.

  • Others think that nothing untoward has ever happened in Mothers’ Union, nor is it likely to, so they need not worry.

Please think again, Safeguarding is about promoting a safe environment and culture.  Protecting and caring for children, young people, and vulnerable adults, including ourselves.

It is important to BE AWARE

  • Have you ever felt that something is not quite right, either because of something you have seen or have been told?

  • Has someone said they feel uncomfortable with the inappropriate behaviour of a relative or carer?

  • Has someone not attended meetings or Church and not been in the usual contact?

Perhaps you would like to visit that person in their home, it is good practice to follow some basic visiting guidelines to keep yourself and the person you are visiting safe.

  • Visit in pairs, if possible

  • Leave a note with the date to say that you have visited.

  • If you are offered money as a donation to Mothers’ Union funds, leave a note saying how much you have been given and what it is for - make sure it is recorded by the branch and a receipt is given. Never put the money in your purse, take an envelope, just in case.

If you have any safeguarding concerns, please pass them on to your Parish Safeguarding Officer and the MU Safeguarding contact.  Record the facts that you have observed or been told.

To assist you with this, Mothers’ Union produced a small trifold card which was included in the Autumn edition of “Connected”.  It is reproduced below.  I have spare copies of this card which can be given to new members. These can be downloaded here

It is recommended that at least one member from every branch completes Safeguarding training, but we would be pleased if many more did this.

  • Safeguarding Basic Awareness, which does exactly what it says, it gives basic awareness of the issues involved.

  • Followed by Safeguarding Foundations which gives more detailed advice.

This training needs to be refreshed every 3 years.

Safeguarding training is available on-line here

If you find it difficult to access on-line training, please contact me, there may be provision of face to face training but this will be limited.

If you have any questions about Safeguarding, I can be contacted by phone or email, details below.


 EMail Sheila Walker or Telephone 

MU Diocesan Safeguarding Contact

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