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Newcastle Mothers' Union Journal is published twice yearly, with 2 email newsletters in between. For more information or to send information to be included contact Barbara Packer 


Spring 2024 Newsletter

Winter Journal 2023

Autumn Newsletter

Summer Journal 2023

Spring Newsletter 2023

Winter Journal 2022

Autumn Newsletter 2022

Summer Journal 2022

Spring Newsletter 2022

Winter Journal 2021

Autumn Newsletter 2021

Summer Journal 2021

Spring Newsletter 2021

Mothers' Union membership magazine 'Connected' is delivered directly to the door of every MU member twice a year, along with the Prayer Diary. 

You can sign up for a monthly newsletter from Mothers' Union here


Have you seen this? 
A PDF copy of this leaflet can be downloaded here. It can be printed out double sided and is designed to be threefold.

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