Faith and Policy

Faith - Through the development of faith, we deepen our relationships with God and with each other, articulating and translating our faith into action. Our faith runs like a river through the organisation's strategy and like water it always finds its own shape. Mothers' Union offers support in, and provides resources for: - personal prayer, spiritual guidance, meditation, corporate worship, religious education, retreats, prayer events and conferences. We also carry out research at both national and international level on issues affecting families and faith.

Influencing Policy - Policy for Mothers' Union means creating positive change for families in society.  It is not only about speaking for those who are not heard in society; it is about giving them a chance to speak for themselves.  Society is based on many different relationships: families, friends, colleagues, faith communities and other groups that come together with a common purpose.  Politics is the arena in which the future of society is created, be that in a family discussion between parents and children, in a national parliamentary chamber or around a table at the United Nations. We are updated regularly through our Faith and Policy Watch.  We campaign for children to have a safe and secure childhood and campaign against inappropriate media pressures on children to become consumers, the successful Bye Buy Childhood campaign.continues to champion the rights of children to a childhood.  

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