Creating Space

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Creating Space


The road was log-jammed for half a mile with traffic waiting to get onto the A1. The sound of an ambulance siren broke through the tightly packed vehicles. ‘How on earth’, we wondered, ‘is this ambulance going to get through?’


Then almost beyond belief, the cars and wagons parted like the waters of the Red Sea, creating enough space for the ambulance to safely continue its rescue mission. We felt that pride which occasionally overtakes you when you observe how caring and responsive most people in the world are when it comes to helping someone in need.

Creating Space in a busy work schedule, or a busy family life, is just as vital to our general welfare as ambulances in traffic. Whatever the task that is demanding our attention, it is essential to create space to simply sit, reflect wonder, pray, and let the still small voice of God speak into our silence.

Creating Space is equally valuable in a life which feels empty, bereft of purpose, lacking in company. The space around may seem vast and overwhelming – but here is space in which to create new purpose, new life, new ideas, and find gifts within you which you never knew you had. Space is the place where innovation can flourish.

Space is where prayer can be turned into action. Space is where God can be found in abundance – amidst the constellations of the night sky, amidst the pages of a book, the falling leaves of autumn, amidst the waves which wash the shorelines of our lives, even filling the ‘emptiness’ of our fears.

So.. when you have too much to do – make space for the unexpected touch of God – and the freedom to value the ‘you-shaped’ space in God’s love.

When you have too little to fill your day – unfold your dreams into the space around you, tune your heart to the whisperings of God…and if a new idea should trespass on your aloneness, let it grow within you and bear fruit.




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