Welcome to our Website

Welcome to a Website

With YOU in mind, Mothers’ Union Newcastle has updated its website with resources, local news about our projects and the initiatives we support, and information from MU world-wide.

So, welcome to www.munewcastle.org.uk
…a website to inform people about Mothers’ Union,
…a website through which MU members can share news and resources.

The WWW… World: Those of us who grew up before 1990 did so without any knowledge of the world-wide-web. We managed pretty well without it! Those who are under 40 cannot imagine life without it. In fact it is now almost impossible to survive without access to the internet.
Invented in 1989 as a way to help scientists to research share information rapidly, it soon became a commercial asset and a new way of shopping. We have become accustomed to its amazing benefits and sometimes undervalue the work which goes into creating a website. WWW… is our passport to information, news, resources and answers to questions.

New to MU? If you don’t know much about Mothers’ Union, we hope you will find the information interesting. Do get in touch if you have any questions.

A member of MU? We hope you will enjoy keeping up to date with news and events and find the resources material helpful. Please send in photographs and brief accounts of the events and projects your local branch is engaged with.

Parish based? Make sure MU is linked to your parish church website.

News to share? Send to: Web Administrator or to your Vice-President.   

One more step along the world we go…
From the old we travel to the new…
Keep us travelling along with you.

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