Meet the Local Team

Officers of Newcastle Mothers' Union

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President  Margy Tasker- Brown 

Chaplain Rev Anne Marr

Margy is also a Churchwarden. She is a retired Primary School Headteacher and former Deanery Leader.


Anne M is a retired chaplain and  former science teacher. she writes Chaplaincy Posts

Lindisfarne ArchDeaconery Vice President Anne Cairns Northumberland ArchDeaconery Vice President Anne Blight

Anne C is a retired nurse and former Modern Matron, now enjoying activities with MU.


Anne B, has served as Deanery leader and Faith & Policy representative. She edits the Newcastle MU Facebook page.


Sandra Davison

Acting Treasurer

Julian Brown

Faith & Policy Coordinator 

Jackie Moore


Action & Outreach Coordinator

Dianne McNaughton

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Linda Benneworth

Fundraising  Coordinator


Diocesan Members Coordinator

Sylvia Hickey

Young Families Coordinator

Karoline Wellborne



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