Chaplaincy Corner

Chaplaincy Corner


         Candlemass: Welcoming Joshua 

Many people know the joy of grandparents welcoming a grandson. This little one was baptised Joshua. The name comes from the Hebrew name ‘Yehoshua’ meaning ‘God is deliverance’. We welcomed him to the family of Christ in the Church of the Holy Nativity, Chapel House. How appropriate to recall the joy of that moment at Candlemass, when we tell the story of Jesus being brought to the temple for a ritual blessing.

The story of Simeon and Anna (Luke 2. 28-40) is one of the most encouraging blessings for those in the last quarter of their lives. I was privileged, as a mental health chaplain, to meet the most amazing elderly people in wards and nursing homes with the most inspiring life stories. Always they smiled when we talked about old Simeon and Anna, whose faithfulness, patience and insight opened the door of heaven to them when they saw Jesus. 

We are never too old, too frail, too vulnerable, too weary to be beyond the joys of cradling a baby in our mind’s arms. That joy is Jesus – a blessing beyond measure – the light of the world - who is content to trust us to love him and spread the good news of his arrival into the world. And once you’ve held that baby God in your arms your life is never the same again. In the words of Psalm 27…

The Lord is my light, my light and my salvation: in God I trust.     


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